“Orange Almond Doughsant”

Croissant dough formed into a ring and deep fried topped w/orange cream cheese and almonds.

Chocolate Doughsant

Doughsant topped w/chocolate frosting.

Maple Doughsant

Doughsant topped w/maple frosting.

Oprah Doughsant

Doughsant with maple frosting and crispy bacon pieces.

Zebra Doughsant

Doughsant (Doughnut Croissant) topped w/white and dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Doughsant

Rich Doughsant (Doughnut Croissant) topped w/chocolate and peanut butter crème.

Plain Doughsant

Rich Croissant dough fried into a doughnut ring and glazed.  Also comes with other toppings and fillings.

Raspberry Cheesecake Doughsant

Glazed Doughsant (Doughnut Croissant) topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting.


Caramel Sea Salt Doughsant

Glazed Doughsant  (Doughnut Croissant) topped with caramel and sea salt.

Snicker Doughsant

Glazed Doughsant (Doughnut Croissant) topped with chocolate, peanuts and caramel.