Pete Carroll

Vanilla cake doughnut topped w/vanilla frosting and Seahawks blue and green bubble gum!  Available during Football Season.

Fat Albert

Extra large raised ring topped w/chocolate frosting and mini M&M's.

Assorted Filled Pillows

Raised pillows can be filled w/ raspberry, lemon, chocolate crème, blueberry, coconut cream, PB&J, or apple.  Can be topped with chocolate, cream cheese or powdered.

Caramel Nut Persian

Unglazed raised cinnamon roll doughnut topped with caramel and sprinkled w/ walnuts.

Tiger Tail

Raised 10" long cocoa twist.


Legendary Fritters: Apple, blueberry and seasonal flavors.

Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel

Giant raised pretzel doughnut, glazed and drizzled in caramel and sprinkled w/sea salt.

French Toast

Cinnamon twist coated w/maple frosting.


Glazed doughnut filled w/imported English Coastal Cheddar Cheese and crispy bacon pieces.

Yogi Bear

Bear claw filled w/peanut butter and jelly.

Little Red Riding Hood

Buttermilk Bar topped w/raspberry filling.


Our most famous doughnut, the Oprah, is a raised bar covered in maple frosting and crispy bacon.

Lucille Ball

Vanilla cake doughnut covered in orange cream cheese and a sprinkle of white chocolate.

White Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate cake doughnut covered in white chocolate frosting, drizzled w/mocha and topped w/espresso beans.

Snow White

Chocolate cake doughnut covered in white chocolate, dolloped w/whipped cream and sugar pearls.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry cake doughnut covered in cream cheese an white chocolate shaving

White Chocolate Raspberry

Cake doughnut smothered in white chocolate and a dollop of raspberry on top.

Sleepless in Seattle

Chocolate cake doughnut w/espresso frosting topped w/a chocolate covered espresso bean & chocolate shavings.

German Chocolate

Chocolate cake doughnut w/chocolate frosting and covered with rich German chocolate.

Charlie Brown

Chocolate cake topped w/chocolate frosting, covered in peanut butter cream and a drizzle of chocolate.