Doughnut Cakes / Towers

We’ve got a selection of both Doughnut Cakes & Towers here at Legendary Doughnuts.

Doughnut Cakes

Small Hamburger and Cinnamon Fries

3 doughnuts decorated with frosting and bacon with a side of cinnamon sugar fries & raspberry dipping sauce.

Large Hamburger Doughnut w/Cinnamon Sugar Fries

3 - 9" raised rings decorated w/frosting and bacon along w/cinnamon sugar fries w/ raspberry dip.

King Kong

Legendary now has a doughnut that weighs over 11 lbs. The raised doughnut ring weighs over 4 lbs. with over 3 lbs. of crispy bacon and 4 lbs. of maple frosting. Great for football games, parties, birthdays, or any special event or occasion. Please order one day in advance.

2- 9″ Rings

stacked and layered w/filling of your choice and topped w/ your favorite topping.


9″ Ring Doughnut Cake

9" raised ring, topped with your favorite topping



Ring Tower

9 Rings and 1 Doughnut Ball, colors and toppings of your choice

Doughnut Ball Tower

25 Doughnut Balls stacked and topped with your favorites


Homer Tower

7 Large Homer Doughnuts, 1 Ring and 5 Doughnut Balls, stacked and topped with your favorite toppings